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Offensive Linemen of Worship: Sound Techs

Soundtechs are the offensive linemen of Houses of Worship and specifically the worship experience. One only hears about either of these teams of hard workers when they make a mistake. Yet these are the guys (& gals) who take care of the organizations priciest expenditures, get down in the trenches and normally have the attitude to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Remember the best at these positions are team oriented, not looking for special recognition and normally are extremely pleased with simply a job well done.

Like an NFL offensive lineman the most important part of our task comes in preparation. Extra hours at rehearsals, “holy discussions” with the Praise & Worship team concerning monitor levels, reverb, and in many cases the quality of what our audience will experience. If you are sound technician, one of the biggest obstacles to success is that you can’t practice your skills without quite a few musicians, speakers or singers willing to show up and let you practice with them. That being the case there are some things required of every good sound technician if you want success on game day.

  1. Study & Research
  2. Develop and Nourish Relationships
  3. Early is On time and On time is late
  4. No Autopilot- Stay Engaged
  5. Know Your Equipment
  6. Consistently Evaluate Your Performance


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